Lab Grown & Lab Created CVD Diamond

Diamond is an exceptional material on mother earth because of unique combination of its extreme properties–thermal conductivity, wide range optical transparency, hardness, after that inertness.

IMAT is formed by a team of renowned technocrats and highly experienced business personnel, with decades of business and R&D experience, to find and commercialize sub-atmospheric process solutions for depositing or treating advanced materials. Today, IMAT has a team of dedicated researchers, engineers and technicians and is involved in making and shaping CVD diamond.

To make the CVD diamond the 21st century engineering material and to lead in supplying the same for all of its applications.


We produce and supply a complete range of CVD diamond products in the form of mono, poly and nano-crystalline and in various sizes and shapes for a wide range of applications from electronic to mechanical. In addition, we have integrated the most advanced growth technology to the post process polishing technology to provide ideal flatness required for many applications, including diamond optics.
Combination of the two technologies makes us the top supplier of CVD diamond in the world, offering standard to customised solutions for diamond applications.


Infrared windows, diamond optics for high power lasers, ATR units, X-ray windows, etc......View More

Heat spreaders, laser surmounts, X-ray targets..... View More

Cutting tools, scalpels, knives, length gauge tips, wear resistant components e.g. for textile machines, insert for dresser tools.... View More

Radiation and other sensors:

Ionizing radiation detectors/dosimeters, fluorescence beam monitors, gas-sensors


Electrodes, electro-chemical detectors, bio-chemical sensors